On the second day of the Erasmus+ TEJM Latvia project we went on a tour of the university of Daugavpils, we saw holograms, physics laboratories that worked with metals, they have great machines to analyze the Metal and large and modern microscopes. Downstairs there were biology and genetics laboratories we had to put bags over our sneakers to enter the room, we saw a video of a little bit of what they do with the machines to investigate some resources such as DNA, then we went to the laboratory of science we saw some planets in a planetarium, there was also a huge telescope in an observatory. So we left the university and went to the Duma in Daugavpils to meet with one of the deputy mayors. In the Duma, we were told about the development opportunities in Daugavpils and we saw a presentation about “attractive place for living and doing business in the eastern baltics” and a little about the city for example the diversity of nationalities, the size of the city, number of population, activities to do, etc

After we took the tram we reached the Fortress. In the fortress we visited the art center, where we were told about the history of the fortress and the works of the popular Daugavpils artist Mark Rothko.

At 16:30 pm we returned to our hotel’s rooms and we relaxed. 

After 1 hour and a half we reunited all together and went to bowling. In fact, tonight the program was to play bowling in mixed groups and have fun.

Some people won, some people lost but everyone had a good time talking with each other. The day finished and every groups of each country went to have dinner. 

Visits: 47