We arrived at school at 9 am and we gathered in the classroom. We sat down in our seats and were handed our name tags and weekly schedule. We split into two groups and started the school tour. The first thing we visited were the classrooms. We then headed towards the second structure of the school. Here we visited the dormitories. These cost €8 a month. After that, we walked to the chemistry class, where we could witness various experiments such as hand temperature measurement, microscope viewing, and metal burning. All very interesting. After we headed to the gymnasium where we could play a game of volleyball for about 30 minutes.

 After this they showed us the recreation room, here too we were able to try all the activities present. We then headed to the cinema. It is not a cinema like the others. It’s a 7D cinema. We were able to watch a short film with all the special effects. After watching the film we went back to our classroom and had a break with coffee and snacks. After about 30 minutes we started with the presentations of the entrepreneurs. Each group presented its own presentation. The presentations finished around 13 pm.

For lunch, we went to a famous cafe in the city.

As the host, the Latvian group made their presentations. The warm and detailed narration in their presentations made us feel safer in their country. Afterwards, we continued with the presentation of Turkey. The remarkable sentences and fluent English in their presentation get the audience attention without boring them. Portugal team continued the presentations as the third ones. They were confident about themselves and they didn’t forget to made eye contact so with that presentation got even better. After the Portugal team Italian team made their presentations. It was great that the entrepreneur they chose to talk about was very suitable for the subject and was very inspiring. Lastly Serbian team made their presentation. We had a lot of fun while they made their presentation, thanks to their entertaining way to present and smiley faces.

During the afternoon, we had a cultural visit where we knew more about the city of Daugavpils as, Daugavpils Roman Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin, Martin Luther Cathedral, St. Boris and Gled Orthodox Cathedral

In the place, where St.Boris and Gleb Orthodox Cathedral is located, in 1866 for army needs there was built an iron church. The architect of the cathedral is unknown, but building was financed by military department that dealt with religious questions of army.

Then the partners went to Martin Luther Cathedral. The church was built in 1893. It is a very important place for the protestant christians. It was built with red bricks that gives the church a unique look.

After that the partners went to St Boris and Gelb Orthodox Cathedral. The Church was built in 1905 and was a famous place ever since. The colors of the church is magnificent.

The last activity of this day was visiting Daugavpils Art Clay Center. Where

the centre offers the possibility to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Latgale – ceramics and pottery traditions. And also offers visitors participation in the work process.





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