This week – from 9th to 13th of May – we all gathered in Portugal for the second mobility: it was focused on understanding, developing and using literacy skills. The activities in Escula Secundaria de Rocha Peixoto lasted 5 days, but the students arrived on Sunday 8th and left on Saturday 14th.In the first two days we explained to others presentations that we prepared before the meeting in our own countries: they were about education system in our countries and “How to get a job”. This was the base for the rest of the activities. Furthermore, on Monday we visited Axis Hotel, to see the organisation; they also told us what we should have to get employed in a hotel; the following day, instead, we had a workshop with a guy, Lorenzo, that helped us understanding how we should prepare ourselves before having an interview, what activities can value ourselves and what a CV should contain. The main thing that he wanted us to understand was that each one of our past experiences can be useful for our professional future, we just have to learn how to commute activities and experiences in opportunities of growth.The third day we visited the city of Porto, but it wasn’t just for fun: we had the chance to see a wine cellar (Poças), where they explained us how they produce wine, what type of grapes they use and showed us wines aged more than 50 years. At the end of the guided visit the adults could taste two different types of wines, one red and one white. Then we saw the city and from 1 p.m. we had free time.On Thursday we did a make-believe game: we had to prepare a CV to get hired in a hotel as animation manager. Later the teachers checked them and chose who to hire for the job. In the afternoon we made group dynamics (a really relaxing activity) where we thought about happy past moments and our dreams for the future; after that we basically had to invent a company and as the last thing we explained all our 5 companies (one for each group) to the other students.Unfortunately came also the last day. The morning was pretty funny: we did a peddy paper in Póvoa de Varzim, to know the city and many of its details. In the afternoon, instead, we started thinking about the handbook so how to share information and contents we made. We decided to open a new Instagram account for the project, where we’ll share the posts. We had free time, but at 7 p.m. we came back in the school for the closing ceremony and one hour later we got to a restaurant to have dinner all together.This beautiful experience came to the end, but the project isn’t finished yet: there are other 3 mobilities. We’re seeing each other in Serbia!

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