Earlier, during the first meeting online, in September, all the partners agreed about the conception of a project’s logo and discussed how to do it.Taking into account that the Portuguese school has a vocational course of graphic design, all the partners decided this would be the job for themThe Portuguese partners agreed and, in the same week, got in touch with the head teacher of the graphic design course, explaining what was intended: the conception of some logos which conveyed the  aims of the project, to be submitted in a meeting with all the partners, for a final decision.

Leonel Cunha, the Graphic Design head teacher, accepted the challenge, as an example of a real order for a graphic designer.

The product, including five different works, was presented to the Portuguese project’s coordinators some days before the 3rd project meeting, which took place on the 4th November, 2020.

A voting process was established, with the partners of all the schools and the chosen one was adopted as the project’s logo. This was a great chance for the students to apply all the knowledge they have been acquiring and get also involved in this project

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