Secondary Agricultural and Food Processing School “ Stevan Petrović Brile” is school with over fifty years long experience. It is settled in Ruma, fifty kilometres away from Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia.

We educate students for veterinary and agricultural technicians (4 years of schooling) and bakers and butchers (three years of schooling). There are about 250 students at school at the moment. Lessons are held in well equipped cabinets and practice is held at school economy and in our own mini bakery.

Within the school economy there are 100 hectares of arable land, agricultural machinery, orchard and vineyard, as well as the farm with many different kinds of animals and mini ZOO. Since 2017 we posses modernly equipped veterinary and livestock breeding cabinet with contemporary cattle breeding and nursery room, modern place for mixing  livestock food and veterinary’s pharmacy.

Our students are organized into student’s cooperative and they produce agricultural products and pastry which they sell, in order to earn money for their professional trips and excursions.

We have  very good cooperation with business entities, institutes, faculties and other organizations in order to give our students the best possible training, to enable them for future job.

At school there are 50 employees at the moment, of whom 32 are teachers, dealing with educational work.

We try to give our students the best , contemporary schooling, both theoretical lessons and practice. Our teachers are constantly being educated, at seminars and courses.

Our goal is to connect with other schools abroad in order to exchange experiences and improve the knowledge of our teachers, as well as of  our students.

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