IPSAR Carnacina, born in 1973, is a State Vocational College for Hospitality and Catering based in Bardolino (Verona) with an associated college in Valeggio. It has 1074 students and 222 staff. 

In the main 5-year course, after a common two-year period, the choice is between 3 qualifications: Food Production, Bar/ Restaurant Service, Tourist Reception. The 5-year course gives access to University. There is also a shorter 3-year course for Catering Operators. 

The Carnacina, accredited by the Veneto Region for Higher Education, is a center of excellence for hospitality and catering services in the area of Lake Garda/Verona: it works closely with local companies, institutions, associations, also organizing work placements for students with a view to lifelong vocational training as a means for the acquisition of knowledge, competences and skills throughout life. 

It has taken an active part as a coordinator and partner in many EU projects (Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 and previous) for over 20 years organising exchanges, mobility and international cooperation for students, recent graduates and teachers; it is a member of AEHT (European Association of Hotel Schools) and hosts 2 ITS post-graduate courses. 

Our educational goal is to offer all students, including those with special educational needs, equal opportunities to acquire skills that enable integration at work and in society in general. 

Internazionalization plays a key role at the Carnacina with the following objectives: 

– Improving language, vocational, communication and soft skills to enhance employability and entrepreneurship – Encouraging the mobility of students/teachers to facilitate the comparison between different cultural areas and operational methods 

– Promoting cross-cultural issues, such as greater nutrition awareness as well as topics such as sustainability, equal opportunities and inclusion 

– Developing abilities for lifelong learning 

– Encouraging IT at all levels. 

The Carnacina international team has successfully participated in several EU-funded programs and different transnational networks thus developing the necessary experience in planning, implementing, monitoring, administrating, evaluating and disseminating projects. 

We have received several awards in recognition of the quality achieved in internationalization: among these, the national Label prize “L’Europa cambia la scuola”-2012; the “European Language Label”-2013, promoted by the European Commission; in 2016 the Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter, to reward and promote quality in European VET mobility. 

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