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Our school started education as “Maarif College” in 1975-76 period when it was first opened. Same period, it was  converted into an “Anatolian High School”.

     At that time, our school was the only Anatolian High School in the region and attracted students from the surrounding provinces. 

     Although its official name was” Anatolian High School“, the name” Adana Anatolian High School ” was settled during the period and then became official.

     In 1982-83, the jersey of the High School men’s volleyball team was redesigned by students and “ALA” applied on the Jersey, has taken its place in history and hearts, being accepted as the arms of our school.

     Adana Anatolian High School started teaching on October 15, 1975 in the historical mansion with a two-storey garden in the Resatbey neighborhood, which Musa Balli allocated as a school.

     Social & Scientific Activities in ALA

     As Adana Anatolian High School, we have many Clubs and activities in our school. Everyone can find things that they’re interested in and discover new abilities about themselves.

     a) ALA’s Spring Festival

     ALA organizes a Spring Festival and Kebab Day every year on spring. This festival provides a chance for the students to spend some enjoyable time like a family with their friends.

     b) ALAMUN

     In MUN conferences we have chances for both imroving our language and have self-confidence. Also it helps us to understand global problems and debate about them.

     c) UNESCO Team and School Trips

     Apart from having many sports teams, science and art clubs; we also have UNESCO Club.  Our School organized trips and we have been in spectacle places in our country, Turkey as UNESCO Club. We learned about the historical and cultural things frm these places that we visited.

      d) Science Opportunities

     Adana Anatolian High school offers students a wide scale of opportuinities when it comes to scientific researches, practise and learning. We have our own physics, chemistry and biology labs.

  e) Technologic Opportunities in ALA

     Our school also has technology lab. Students can learn about Technologies that build the future and participate in prestigious competitions.

     f) Visual Arts 

     As Adana Anatolian High School we have our own art class which opens its doors for those who is intrested in art and willing to improve their skills.

     g) Music 

     Our school offers a wide range of opportunities for those who are willing to improve their musical abilities. In music lessons, our teachers teach us how to play a spesific musical instrument chosen by the class. We have the chance to start from strach and become a decent player. In addition to that, there are after-school courses fort he students to take their skills even further.

     We have a sophisticated studio which contains various instruments and technical music devices for us to practise. The students also have the chance to improve as a performer by participating at social activities & competitions with a band or individually.

      h) Sports

     Our phisical educatin teachers are spending so much time with us and help us to improve ourselves physically. They help those who are interested in sports and guides us to prepare for sports competitions.

    Our Achievements in Social Activities

     Fizy Inter-High School Music Competition: First Place. Across Turkey

    “GençBizz” High School Entrepreneurship: Second Place, Across Turkey

     Archery: Third Place, Across Turkey

     TÜBİTAK Inter-High School Project Competition, Sociology: First Place in Region

     TÜBİTAK Inter-High School Project Competition, Physics: First Place in Region

     Orienttring Girls Team: First Place in Adana

     Court Tennis Girls Team: First Place in Adana

     Orienttring Boys Team: Secon Place in Adana

     Swimming Girls Team: Second Place in Adana

     Curling Boys Team: Second Place in Adana

     Chess Girls Team: Third Place in Adana

     “Atatürk and Republic” themed composition competition: First Place in Adana

     “ To the Martyrs of Çanakkale” themed Poetry Reading Competition: Second Place in Adana

     “Atatürk and Youth” themed Composition Competition: Second Place in Adana

     “Atatürk and Youth” themed Story Competition: Third Place in Adana

     I am the best who’s reading “İstiklal Marşı”: Second Place in County, Çukurova

                                                                                        (2018-2019 Academic Year)

         Our ALUMNI Reunions:

1) Reunion in Istanbul, Every Year in March

2) Reunion in Adana, Spring Festival/Kebab Day, Every Year in May.

      Big thanks to ALA Alumnies for always staying in touch with their school and friends even after years. 

     From the very beginning, our school and its students, who are always at the highest levels of the Turkish ranking, have also carved their name into the highest levels of our country in social and sporting activities. This success was achieved together in a body in which teachers, students and parents were involved.


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